360 Virtual Tour Education

We know that your school is great and has been designed and laid out, designed in a creative and modern way with children specifically in mind with a lot of attention to detail. Ensuring that every child that attends the school is in an environment that is stimulating. Unfortunately, COVID has contributed to a decrease in the possibility of moving around and viewing schools like yours as in the pre COVID times.

Luckily, the Internet offers you an opportunity to show off your school to parents who are no longer able to personally visit. We can offer a virtual tour of your school so that new potential clients can move through your premises online, as if they’re actually physically there.

And which as can be seen, offers far more information than traditional photography. Another very important benefit is that with Web360 you get to boost your preschool’s Google Street ranking, via Google maps, which means that the client using Google maps can reach your school premises online instantly and be transported virtually there and start viewing your premise immediately.


Ina Bina says:Use Web360 to digitise and view your space from an immersive perspective.

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With Web360.store

Web360 can be used to create outstanding digital content to assist your online marketing.

It is a great way to boost user engagement. Using Web360.store you can show your products in 3d and at 360 degrees. Let your customer interact with your product in 3D! Your product can be shown in a complete new manner on the internet.